• RFID Tags

    RF Data Systems stock a huge range of high performance flexible and ruggedized RFID tags.

Label RFID tags and Cards

We provide a large range of low cost printable UHF, HF and NFC RFID labels and blank or pre printed full colour UHF, HF Mifare and HF Desfire cards.



Commercial Laundry Tags

RF Data Systsms - Laundry Linen Tags

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RF Data’s HF and UHF Laundry tags have been specifically designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry in terms of shape, robustness and ease of fixation.

Our UHF tags feature a UNIQUE ultra-strong, heat-resistant thermosetting adhesive for direct fixation onto textile products using a standard thermo patching process, while maintaining market-leading read and write performance.


On metal RFID Tags

RF Data Systems - RF Labels






Used primarily for IT Asset tracking in datacenters and office equipment, this family includes the newest addition; the on metal, Ultrathin lineup of labels that are commissionable on site enabling low cost and hassle free RFID deployment.


Special Purpose Tags

RF Data Systems - Special Tags

RF Data Systems - Special Tags











From a rubberized tag to fit industrial hoses, to a strap attachment tag for large cylinders and a steel-encased tag for heavy industry uses – this family of tags meet specialty use cases or non-traditional applications.


Encased RFID Tags

RF Data Systems - Encased Tags







True to their name, these encased tags provide the additional durability necessary for applications requiring a small footprint tag in a harsh environment. With options for on/off metal and a variety of sizes these tags are ideal for tool tracking, industrial assets, small containers and RTIs.