RFID Reader

Our range of readers have been designed to suit any environment, from industrial readers to embedded reader boards to develop custom RFID solutions. With read speeds of up to 750 tags per second and range out to the 30 feet, we provide only the best in RFID technology


Astra-EX – High Performance Integrated Reader

astra-ex reader

Astra-EX is an easy to install, unobtrusive, integrated 2-port reader/antenna designed for office and commercial environments. Driven by ThingMagics powerful Mercury6e (M6e) UHF RFID Module, Astra EX’s Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and Wi-Fi options allow for flexible, low cost, single cable installations.



Mercury6 -High Performance 4 Port Reader

Mercury6 Reader

Building on the ease of use, reliability and enterprise-grade performance ThingMagic products are known for, the M6 offers a low-profile form factor, rugged service operating capabilities and the industry’s highest transmit power for a Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable reader.
These features make the M6 well suited for enterprise, commercial and industrial environments where high performance in a wide range of operating conditions is required.



Vega Reader – High Performance 4 Port Reader

Vega Reader

The Vega reader is built around our award winning, high performance M5e UHF RFID module. The Vega reader meets the harsh environmental operating standards required for use in trucks and automobiles (In Vehicle Reader model), and is ideal for deployment in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.


USB Plus+ Desktop RFID Reader with Extended Read Distance

USB Desktop Reader

The USB Plus+ RFID Reader is a low cost platform for developing and deploying interactive read/write applications With a software adjustable read distance up to 3 ft (0.91 m), the USB Plus+ supports a variety of applications, including RFID tag commissioning, manufacturing WIP, document tracking, library book check in/out, retail point of sale, event and hospitality services, hospital patient workflows, and more.

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