UHF Systems for Laundry & Uniform

These UHF tags have been specifically designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry in terms of shape, robustness and ease of fixation.

RF Data Systems - UHF Single scan readerThis version features a UNIQUE ultra-strong, heat-resistant thermosetting adhesive for direct fixation onto textile products using a standard thermo patching process, while maintaining market-leading read and write performance.

These tags are the most robust and cost effective textile tracking RFID tags in the world.

  • Increases control, traceability
  • Facilitates operational efficiencies through improved business processes
  • Factor of ten reduction in inventory operations
  • Allows track/monitor points not previously feasible


Ongoing cost savings through:

Inventory reduction, Reduction of lost or stolen assets and Purchase new linen and receiving ordered linen from suppliers into inventory.