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UHF ID Tunnel

TAGSYS’ e-WAY enables fast inventories of cages filled with multiple RFID-tagged products. The Station’s shielded structure incorporates a state-of-the-art RFID reader/antenna configuration ensuring optimized reading performance at check-in operations.

Tagsys SRU-500 – UHF Reading Station


The TAGSYS SRU-500 NF fits on a desktop station.TAGSYS’ SRU-500 NF is a fully integrated reading station with controlled read/write fields, ensuring that only RFID-tagged items stacked on the interrogation zone are identified.This unique Reading Station supports industry-leading standards for UHF EPCglobal Class1 Gen 2/ISO 18000-6C.

Commercial Laundering UHF RFID Tags

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These UHF tags have been specifically designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry in terms of shape, robustness and ease of fixation.
This version features a UNIQUE ultra-strong, heat-resistant thermosetting adhesive for direct fixation onto textile products using a standard thermo patching process, while maintaining market-leading read and write performance. These tags are […]

CypherLab 1861 Handheld RFID Reader

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You can integrate barcode capture and UHF RFID data collection into one robust device while the 1861 offers flexibility to switch between RFID tags and barcode readings. Certified with IP64, 1.5 m drop resistance, and sustaining 1,000 tumbles at 1 m, the 1861 allows for efficient productivity under harsh conditions.

CypherLab CP60 Handheld Mobile Computing


Flexible wireless communications in 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth®, and 3.8G* HSPA+ empowers you with the ability to transfer larger amounts of data in a flash along with a 4G LTE option.

Built with a spacious 4GB memory, you can have no worries when it comes to data storage.

The CP60 is proven to resist dust and moisture with […]

Omni RF IQ Tags

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Used primarily for IT Asset tracking in datacentres and office equipment, this family includes the newest addition; the on metal, Ultrathin lineup of labels that are commissionable on site enabling low cost and hassle free RFID deployment.