Project Description

Simflex RF Tags

Thanks to its unique, innovative design, the SlimFlex Tag Square is a flexible RFID tag for industrial applications which can be mounted perpendicularly to a surface, like a flag, with adhesive or screws.

UHF Gen 2 compliant tag tuned for worldwide use, the SlimFlex Tag Square delivers up to 8 m read range on non-metal assets such as wooden and plastic pallets.
The yellow color and the flag-like shape make this product an excellent solution for applications that require an RFID tag easily identifiable by the human eye.
Furthermore, this flexible UHF RFID tag provides a wider read angle when attached to a corner of an asset.

The ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) encasement is waterproof and withstands a wide range of environmental agents, aggressive chemicals and mechanical stresses.